Key Trends to Watch in Wealth Management in 2018

Key Trends to Watch in Wealth Management in 2018

Regulatory pressure, trust in financial institutions, customers’ growing demands are challenges and opportunities for WealthTech players. What we are likely to observe before long as the industry shifts towards new…

Hedgeable: Artificial Intelligence and Communication

Hedgeable is known as an innovator due to the AI module, investing strategies, and downside protection.

Invessence: Built to be Flexible

Invessence automates the entire investing process into a streamlined online solution.

Simon Bussy

Principal Consultant at Altus

WealthTech Insights #1 with Simon Bussy: Move from State Provision to Self-Provision

Simon operates across Wealth Management, Retail Platform, etc. in the UK and overseas. He provides insight, opinion and challenge to blue-chip and FinTech clients right across the Financial Services sector.…